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5 Things Everybody Should Look for When Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer

While having a legitimate personal injury claim is one thing, going with the wrong lawyer could have severe implications on your case. Not only could it severely reduce the amount of money you might be entitled to, it might also result in your case being thrown out. In this article, we're going to examine five things everybody should be on the lookout for when searching for a personal injury... [Continue Reading]

A How-To Guide To Coping With Divorce

No-one actually wants a divorce. Marriage is meant to be a true bond for life, but we can’t ignore the real world possibilities of relationships, and unfortunately, they do break down. We don’t want them too, but sometimes the breakdown cannot be avoided, and in the situation where marriage binds both parties, that can lead to a divorce. (Image Source) As we said earlier,... [Continue Reading]

What To Do If Your Polaris RZR Is Recalled?

Even though the Polaris RZR is one of the most interesting and exciting off-roading vehicles that has been released in recent years, the vehicle is still plagued by issues. It is one of those vehicles that has been recalled by the company, and customers are advised to pay real attention to the RZR Recall Polaris if they want to remain safe and get properly compensated for the vehicle they... [Continue Reading]

Online wills...cost savers, or potential pitfalls?

Online legal resources are becoming more and more popular.  Do a Google search for "online wills" or "online estate plan" and you're likely to see dozens of options that range in price and quality.  But how do you know whether an online will is right for you?  And if an online estate plan is right for you, how do you decide which one to go with?  Here's some tips to help... [Continue Reading]

The Do's And Don't's Of Dealing With Personal Injury

Personal injuries are all too common. Perhaps almost as common is the way that claimants can seriously harm their own chances. To get the best possible claim, you need to start doing the right thing immediately from the moment after the injury. If you ever find yourself a victim of someone else’s negligence, here’s what you should and should not do. Photo Credit Do: Collect... [Continue Reading]

The Effects of Social Media and Academia in Social Justice Movements

The history of the United States has proven to be cyclical in some respects, providing opportunities ripe for change. The legal end of slavery, women’s suffrage, civil rights and current movements against social inequality stand as examples of this tendency. This nation’s narrative might be described as opposite ideological forces resisting against each other, sometimes with new... [Continue Reading]

Is It Legal to Use a VPN??

If you are an active Internet user, you might have heard of VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network. VPN can be used for many different purposes. Some people use VPN to increase online security. For example, a traveller might choose to use VPN when accessing his bank account from a café offering free WIFI. Some people use VPN to bypass Internet blocking. [Continue Reading]