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Third Party Motor Insurance—How To Get Compensation Under It?

Getting compensation under third party motor insurance is not an easy process as there are so many different formalities that have to be met. Most people just give up on the whole process due to the complexity involved in insurance claims, especially in third party motor insurance cases. Third party motor insurance is the mandatory cover which is why people pay such high premiums; this is... [Continue Reading]

10 Tips on Hiring a Lawyer

Do you need an attorney? Does your lawyer lack competence? Do you think getting the right lawyer can help you in winning your case easily and take away all your anxiety which might otherwise lead you to depression? Well, then you may keep reading this article which is designed for your welfare and which will help you in the appropriate selection of your lawyer. It isn't really a big deal to... [Continue Reading]

Can You Successfully Fight a DUI Charge?

You more than likely never intended to get the driving under the influence (DUI) charge in the first place. That said the charge is hanging over you like a big cloud at this point. As such, it can impact not only your professional life, but also your personal one. When you’re dealing with a DUI charge, don’t waste time to get a good DUI attorney. Doing so allows you to put up a... [Continue Reading]

Why should I Hire a DUI Defense Attorney vs Public Defender?

It’s late, you’ve just finished tying one on at the local pub and it’s time to head home.  A small voice in your head tells you that you should probably call an Uber or maybe even walk home but that voice is just a muddled whisper behind the haze of intoxicant floating in your brain.  You get in your car, put the key in the ignition, and start home.  After a... [Continue Reading]

Knowing Your Rights in an Accident is Important:  5 Things You Have to Know When Handling a Personal Injury Claim

Injured in an accident and don’t know what to do? Your passengers injured or people in the other car injured? Given the stress of the accident itself, you have enough on your mind not to think of legal issues. But, to the extent you can prepare, carry the necessary tools and documentation, and know your rights, you will be ahead of the crisis. 5 things you need to know when handling a... [Continue Reading]

What Should You Do After a Hit and Run?

In a world where accidents and mishaps are common, hit and run cases are also now becoming quite common and they are increasing on a rapid pace. Hit and run accidents and cases are the one under which the driver hits your car and runs away without providing you any relevant contact details. Such accidents often happen while your car is parked in a parking lot and someone hits it in your... [Continue Reading]

Is It Legal to Use a VPN??

If you are an active Internet user, you might have heard of VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network. VPN can be used for many different purposes. Some people use VPN to increase online security. For example, a traveller might choose to use VPN when accessing his bank account from a café offering free WIFI. Some people use VPN to bypass Internet blocking. [Continue Reading]