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How To Gain Exclusive Personal Injury Leads For Your Lawyer Business

When you’re a personal injury lawyer, you have to go through the same dilemma of attracting and maintaining customers, similar to what businesses usually do. Even if you’re a service provider, you need to tell the general public that you exist as a legal practitioner and that your legal services are actually better compared to other personal injury lawyers. Doing this is... [Continue Reading]

Stop Drunk Driving With These Four Self-Help Tips

Over the years, drinking and driving statistics have become increasingly depressing. In fact, according to the data presented by the Mothers against Drunk Driving (MADD), the highest percentage of drunk drivers are between ages 21 to 24. It is then followed by ages 25-34. In another heartbreaking statistic reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately... [Continue Reading]

How Life Saving Child Stickers Are Being Used to Increase Road Safety

In Australia, there’s a new program that was launched not very long ago with the intention to increase road safety. As unique as the program is, there is some amazing logic behind it that warns the driver to maintain speed and drive safely on the road. You must be thinking what this new road safety program involves. In this article, we’ll discuss what has made this new road safety... [Continue Reading]

Five Practical Tips For The New Trial Lawyer

There are some tips here for the practical trial lawyer who is going into a courtroom and plans to face down a case that could be too complex. You must have a way of getting to the heart of the truth without breaking your back, and you have to get it all done while the case is going on. Look over each tip to see what might work best for you or in your situation. 1. Ask Questions You Know The... [Continue Reading]

Summer Is a Time For Checkpoints: How to Handle Your DUI

If you plan on driving around the Tampa, Florida area this summer, you are almost guaranteed to pass through a DUI checkpoint, especially if you’re passing through town late at night or during a holiday. DUI checkpoints are nerve wracking even for drivers who are entirely sober. If you have been drinking, going through a checkpoint will most likely result in a DUI charge. It is... [Continue Reading]

Time Frame For Settling Dog Bite Cases

Just like other types of personal injury litigation, dog bite cases can essentially be settled at virtually any time between the bite event itself and the issuance of a verdict. However, there are certain points in time in which settlement is most likely for claims of this sort, and it is useful to examine what they might be. Pre-Suit Dog Bite Settlements When a dog owner and injury victim... [Continue Reading]

Good working chemistry between a client and DUI lawyer facilitates favorable outcome in the case

Nobody ever thinks of going to a lawyer unless they face some very compelling reasons like being slapped with some criminal charges of drunken driving. Drunken driving is not a light offence, and you must take it seriously due to its varied repercussions in life that can be a setback for you. When you face DUI charges, you must understand its gravity and the far-reaching damaging effects. If... [Continue Reading]

How To Find The Right Attorney Online

At some point, many if not most people will find themselves in need of high quality legal services. When it's time for you to find an attorney, it's important to remember that you deserve to attain excellent, effective, expedient services. In many cases, people who need legal services don't know which steps to take for the purpose of finding the right attorney. One secret to success with this... [Continue Reading]

Accidents Hurt: 5 Key Points to Remember When You are Involved in a Traffic Accident

A traffic accident is no time and place to come up with a plan on what you need to do next – ideally, you should take a little bit of time and prepare a a step-by-step action plan in advance. In the midst of chaos, thinking gets really hard, and more often than not, you’ll have your survival instinct kicking in. Panicking is not entirely out of the question either, but knowing... [Continue Reading]

Burden of Responsibility: 5 Things to Know About Slip and Fall Injuries

In the movies, the comic slips on a banana peel and falls hysterically. In the real world, slip and fall accidents happen frequently with serious results, including fatalities. According to NSFI, the statistics on slip and fall injuries are shocking: Slip and fall injuries account for one million hospital emergency room visits. Fractures occur in 5% of all people who fall. They cause the... [Continue Reading]