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5 Lawyer Personality Types: ISTJ, INTJ, ESTJ, ENTP and INTP

5 Lawyer Personality Types: ISTJ, INTJ, ESTJ, ENTP and INTPContrary to popular belief, not all lawyers are cold, boring and greedy. Such a diverse field is bound to attract a diverse group of people — and studies on lawyers’ personalities prove it. Some lawyers are feeling while others are analytical; some lawyers are temperamental while others almost always remain calm. It is important to remember that everyone is uniquely human, even those in the legal... ❯❯❯

Is It Illegal to Drive With Headphones?

Is It Illegal to Drive With Headphones?I‍s it illegal to drive with headphones? This is a common question asked by many people. As a driver, you know that your actions have consequences. Everything from texting to eating can affect your ability to operate a car safely, and it’s important to understand all the rules of the road before taking the wheel. Is It Illegal to Drive with Headphones? The answer is: it depends on where you... ❯❯❯

How Long Does It Take To Get Approved For Disability?

When you cannot work and earn a living, it’s difficult to wait for a decision on a disability benefit application. Unfortunately, decisions take time. According to the Social Security Administration, an initial decision on a disability benefits application currently takes six to eight months. However, over two-thirds of applications are denied after the initial review process. A denial means... ❯❯❯

Improved Safety and Efficiency Through ELD Implementation

Electronic logging devices (ELDs) actively contribute to road safety and efficiency. These devices accurately record data and monitor a driver’s hours of service (HOS). This deters violations and improves driver performance. The data collected can then be used for risk analysis, which can also play a beneficial role for trucking companies that want to access better insurance premiums. Here is... ❯❯❯

Is It Possible to Beat a Drug Possession Charge?

If you've been arrested for drug possession, it may feel like your life is practically over. But the truth is, simple drug possession is a relatively minor crime, and there are circumstances that might allow you to beat the drug possession charge you face. What can you do to maximize your chances of walking away? Hire the Best Attorney You Can Afford An attorney specializing in drug crimes can... ❯❯❯

7 Essential Steps for Protecting Your Intellectual Property in the Digital Age

Intellectual property (IP) rights have always been critical to the success of the people or businesses that hold them. And that is nothing if not increasingly true in the digital age due to the ease with which they can be violated. Digitalization has affected all forms of media. Even if it only exists in paper form, a book can be easily scanned and distributed online to the world in just a few... ❯❯❯

Is It Legal to Use a VPN?

Some people use VPN to bypass Internet blocking. For example, many popular websites such as Google, Twitter and YouTube and blocked in China, and many Chinese people have to find the best VPNs for China (in Chinese, 翻墙VPN软件) in order to use it to bypass this kind of blocking. For the questions of whether it's legal to watch Netflix using a VPN, many attorneys agree that using VPN to access foreign Netflix programs are not clearly illegal... ❯❯❯

Common Fraud in The HealthCare Industry And How To Avoid It

As suggested by many legal experts, establishing a structured, robust verification process for Medicare services, dental services or elder care services is one of the best ways of reducing fraud. The manufacturer and co-conspirators provided permanent medical equipment firms with financial benefits in return for Medicare recipients' personal information.... ❯❯❯