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Legal Transcripts: What Legal Teams Need to Know to Get the Right Transcription Service

Legal teams understand how vital it is to document each statement for court presentation. In most cases, during an investigation, the police usually record statements from various suspects and witnesses in video or audio. It's always advisable to have these files in written form to be able to use them as evidence.

Considering the sensitivity of these documents, legal teams must choose reliable and trustworthy transcription services. Today, multiple legal transcription companies online claim to offer the best services. However, legal teams must understand that not all companies are created equal. As a result, they need to be careful while choosing a reliable vendor.

Choosing the Right Legal Transcription Service

The transcripts produced by a transcription company can affect court proceedings, settlements, and other essential aspects of the legal process. That's why legal teams need to find a vendor who they can trust. Therefore, they must research and compare various services before settling on one. Here, we'll discuss what legal teams should look for when selecting a transcription provider. Let's dive in.


Accuracy is king when it comes to any transcription. It's one of the essential things to consider when selecting a vendor. The transcripts produced should be free of errors and accurate. Inaccurate transcripts can result in mistrials and misunderstandings, so legal teams need to go for a company they can trust. Accuracy is paramount, as even the tiniest mistake can affect the outcome of a court. Ideally, the legal team should choose a company with at least 99% accuracy.

Cost of the Transcription Service

Legal transcription services should not have your account drained. Ensure that you only choose a company that offers this vital service at an affordable price. Their pricing plans should be transparent without any hidden charges. Be sure to check previous customers' testimonies before hiring a vendor. This way, you'll have a rough idea of what to expect from a company. To know the price range on what to expect in terms of payment, do the following.

  • Choose at least three reputable transcription vendors
  • Request for a quote
  • Lastly, compare their prices while indicating what makes them differ

But note that the vendor with the highest quote doesn't mean they offer premium services. Also, an agency offering the lowest rate isn't an indication that they provide shoddy services. Therefore, you should consider the price, but it shouldn't be a single deciding factor. Otherwise, you might end up making mistakes.

Credibility and Qualification of Their Team

Ensure you check the qualification and credibility of the transcription provider staff before hiring them. Choosing an agency with qualified transcribers increases your chances of getting quality transcripts with minimal to zero irregularities. A transcriber of legal documents should have qualifications such as:

  • Mastery in the legal field
  • Excellent research, reading, and writing skills
  • A high school diploma from a reputable institution
  • Fast typing skills

Turnaround Time

Another essential thing to remember is the turnaround time, which is the time between when you submit your order and when you receive your files back. In the legal sector, this aspect is critical. That's why the legal team needs to select an agency that can offer a quick turnaround time without affecting the quality of a transcript. They should enquire about this before settling on a firm. A timeline ensures the vendor gets your project completed faster.

In the legal sector, every minute counts, and one mistake can have costly repercussions. A mistake can make a big difference between losing and winning a case. Also, timely delivery of files allows legal teams to close a case and get to others quickly. Selecting an agency that's always late with files will hold up the whole team's workflow.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Most legal files contain sensitive info, which, when leaked to the wrong people, can lead to devastating consequences for the people involved. If you are handling an injury claim, your client's medical history becomes public without their consent. As a lawyer, you can get sued if this happens. This issue can negatively affect your career. Select an agency that takes confidentiality and privacy very seriously to minimize the chances of having info leaked.


Flexibility is an important consideration to have in mind when choosing a transcription service. Selecting a firm that can work with your pricing and turnaround time is a good idea, especially if you have huge projects. Flexibility is crucial since it allows your company to meet specific needs. For example, a legal team should choose an agency that can handle multiple languages to accommodate different clients.

Choose the Right Legal Transcription Service

Selecting the right legal transcription provider is critical for legal teams. These factors discussed here are all important when making the final decision on which agency to hire. Legal teams can easily choose reliable services if they take the time to research and compare various agencies.

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