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Lyft Accidents Caused By Third-Party Drivers

Sometimes our firm deals with case matters related to accidents where the rideshare driver themselves acted responsibly, whilst a nearby driver (or drivers) did not. Find out more about what leads to such incidents and how a Lyft accident attorney in Los Angeles can help.

Whether you need a designated driver, an easy commute, or generally want to get by on a car-free lifestyle, you’ve probably been reliant on a rideshare service at one point or another.

We rely on these services to safely get us to & fro without any issues, and most rideshare drivers are generally responsible and able to accomplish precisely that. But sometimes, even great rideshare drivers who exercise the most responsibility can still have their hard work derailed by irresponsible drivers around them.

Even though your driver may have been unable to prevent a crash, third-party drivers can still act negligently and irresponsibly and lead to serious crash injuries (and sometimes, deaths) that are, far too often, far too preventable.

Even though you may not have been able to prevent tragedy, you may be able to prevent said tragedy from taking everything it’s taken from you. Find out about the preventable causes of third-party rideshare accidents, and find out how a Lyft accident attorney can help you prevent your losses from going unpaid.

Common Causes Of Motor Vehicle Accidents (Involving Third-Party Drivers)

There are several possible ways in which a driver could act negligent and put you, your Lyft driver, and other motorists in harm’s way:

  • Driving while drowsy
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Driving while distracted
  • Driving aggressively
  • Driving too fast or too slow

A litany of distractions and negligent factors could arise and wind up leading to a crash, but it’s the responsibility of the third-party driver to account for these circumstances and drive with as much possible care as can.

Failing to do so is a clear failure on their end and one which subjects them to being held to legal account. Even if the negligent third-party driver may not have intended to hurt or kill anyone, it was ultimately still their responsibility to uphold an adequate duty of care, which they had clearly failed to do.

That said, it’s entirely possible that the driver themselves could have been acting responsibly, but a mechanical error could have caused the car to malfunction. Even in this instance, there is still person(s) to be held to legal account, as it was the manufacturer’s duty of care to produce a product that wouldn’t malfunction.

Manufacturer or driver, we strongly recommend that you consider working with a trusted, reliable, and reputable Lyft accident attorney who can offer you much-needed guidance toward justice.

Seek Help from Lyft Accident Attorneys in LA

For over 10 years, our winning law office has been proud to represent our rideshare litigation clients and proud to yield demonstrable winning results, bringing our clients to home millions of dollars in settlement fees.

If you or a loved one was injured in a California Lyft accident involving a negligent third-party driver, consider reaching out to one of our Lyft accident attorneys today!


Stephen Fishback is an experienced civil trial attorney who has successfully represented thousands of injured plaintiffs and their families in state and federal courts in California. Recognized as one of California’s leading attorneys representing injured individuals and their families, he particularly focuses his practice on personal and catastrophic injuries and product liability.

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