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Tips When Claiming For Injuries Against An Uninsured Driver

Sometimes accidents just can’t be avoided no matter how careful you are. Still, one has to take precautions and prepare well for any unfortunate incident that might arise.

One such measure is getting an insurance cover. In the event that an accident occurs while you are driving, the insurance company will take care of all the necessary compensations and as such share the burden.

Although this is of great benefit to the driver, some will still drive around without having any insurance. When such a person gets involved in an accident where they are the offender, they will be responsible for compensating the offended party for the damage done.

You can checkout mibi claims dublin for more details. With that said, here are some tips to help you claim successfully if you ever find yourself in such a scenario.

  • Engage the authorities right away

Instead of arguing with the offender, the best thing to do is usually to call the police. This should be your first step.

If the driver tries to run away, take note of the license plate, and report the matter to the police. This is important to enable the authorities to get to the scene before any evidence is destroyed and follow the matter while it is afresh.

A detailed police report will come in handy when you are claiming the compensation. They are also likely to find the driver quickly before they go into hiding.

  • Gather the relevant details

While it is true that the investigation is police work, you have to get the details that you can out of the driver. This will speed up the whole process.

Ask for contacts and any other information that can be used to trace them. This will also be used to establish that they are indeed uninsured. If they refuse to provide you with the information you require you can report them for lack of cooperation.

  • File a lawsuit

The cost of covering such an incident is usually too high for someone to pay on their own. The driver might not be in a position to pay for the damages or might just not be willing to do so.

Unless you file a lawsuit, you might end up losing. Doing so will allow thorough investigations involving key law practitioners such as attorneys.

Thus you will have a high chance of getting reimbursed even if it is by other parties involved in the accident other than the offender. See this link to find out how you can file a lawsuit

  • Do not accept liability

Accepting liability even just a little bit can sabotage your claim. If you were in the right you should stick to your statement and not alter it.

Partial liability will make your insurance company responsible for part of the payments. Be careful not to use any word that might indicate guilt on your side since they might be taken out of context or spun around to implicate you in a legal proceeding.

This is another reason why it is better to let the police and your attorney handle the case after you have given your statement.

  • Check your insurance company’s policies

Some firms have uninsured motorist coverage policy. This means that they will chip in to compensate you even if the driver was not insured. Unless you are aware that such a policy exists and you lay your claim, you might miss out on it. Also, keep in mind that not all companies have that type of coverage.

  • Make sure that you are not at fault

If you are found to be at fault your claim will be rejected. The procedure can be long and tiresome hence this won’t be economical. More so considering that you have used some money for the attorney and other legalities. Drunk-driving for instance will certainly terminate your entitlement. Click here to see what you can do when hit by an uninsured driver.


Uninsured driving is an offense punishable by the law. It indicates irresponsibility on the part of the offender and should not be taken lightly. As the victim, you should not be afraid to sue and claim what you are owed. The sooner you do it the faster the process goes. A good attorney who has your best interests at heart will be of great use to you. Even if you end up not getting compensated, the driver will still be punished according to the law thus making the roads safer.

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