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Bicycle Accident: 4 Steps to Prepare for a Compensation Claim

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Bicycling is one of the healthiest and enjoyable outdoor activities. Besides, the impact of bicycling on the environment is undeniable. But, unfortunately, the popularity of bicycling has also directly raised the accidents related to it. If you are wondering how a legal firm can help with my bicycle crash claim, then you should look at the following steps for more guidance.

1. Take Video Evidence

Now, this must be hard since the shock and trauma of the accident might prevent you from doing so. However, if you are in your senses, the first step should be recording everything in the accident's aftermath. Start by recording the damaged bicycle, showing your injuries, and then record the vehicle and the face of the guilty party. Doing this dramatically increases your chances of successfully filing a compensation claim; since everything is recorded, the evidence will tell your side of the story and is difficult to refute.

2. Collect Details

Once you have a video recording of all the damage, the next step should be to take all the contact details of the aggressor. This might prove problematic as they would want to avoid legal proceedings. If they deny or are unwilling to give you the complete information, contacting the police is essential. Remember to take all the relevant information like addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, and insurance information.

3. Medical Attention

If your injuries require medical treatment, it would be good to record and safely keep all the medical documents. The extent of your injuries alone can be enough to win you a compensation claim. All the documents related to medical procedures, medicines, and practices related to your injury should be neatly arranged in a file or folder.Remember, besides the initial treatment, if your doctor asks for a follow-up, never miss it. You want your case to be as strong as it can be. Therefore you should not provide the ammunition to insurance companies to dismiss your claims by missing doctor appointments.

4. Find a Lawyer

If you have suffered severe injuries, hiring a lawyer is the best way to file a compensation claim. Serious injuries, lay-off from the job, or expensive medical bills all these scenarios warrant that you hire a consultant. The lawyer will investigate the matter properly and also communicate with the legal team of the guilty party. Lawyers usually prefer an out-of-court settlement with both the insurance company and the perpetrator. Usually, the settlement is fair and agreed upon by both parties since it doesn't require any court proceedings. In case of serious injuries, a lawyer will suggest a lawsuit that takes time to file. In any case, if you have recorded and documented all the aspects of your accident, you stand a better chance of winning a favorable settlement.

Winning a compensation claim gets hard if all the evidence and documents are incomplete or are false. Remember to follow the above steps to win fair compensation against your bicycle accident claim.

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